Friday, December 4, 2020
Baby Yoda meme hits the internet with a new trend
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Baby Yoda Memes from ‘The Mandalorian’ Get Viral on the Internet

Baby Yoda takes over the Internet as a New Meme


New Character from ‘The Mandalorian’:

People are going gaga over the new Baby Yoda look in the ‘Mandalorian’, who we first saw in the original Star Wars trilogy. Social media has produced many brilliant memes this year and it has still managed to pull out another hilarious and cute meme material in the end of the year in the form of Baby Yoda.

The new Disney+ series ‘The Mandalorian’ is trending from the beginning of its first episode and has hooked people up. Director Jon Favreau who also has many famous movies under his belt like Iron Man and The Jungle Book, has done a very good job by maintaining the quality of the original Star Wars vibe and the interest of the fans.

Social Media found a New Meme:

When the second episode of ‘The Mandalorian’ released, it also introduced us to Baby Yoda who we first saw in ‘Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back’ and then its sequel ‘Return of the Jedi’ and so on as the master of Luke Skywalker who taught him how to control the force.

After that, social media was stormed by memes on Baby Yoda, even the show hasn’t given him that name but he is already famous between people as Baby Yoda. Twitter is storming with tweets on Yoda, some are comparing him to Paul Rudd as they both don’t age as he is 50 years old in the picture but doesn’t look like it. And some are questioning his political correctness by calling him a boomer. In short, everybody wants to see more of him in the show.

Baby Yoda meme hits the internet with a new trend

No other character has got fame as fast as Baby Yoda in the show. But they all are doing a marvelous job by performing their characters at level best. Pedro Pascal is owning the show with his action packed scenes as the Inter-galactic bounty hunter. Taika Waititi is also voicing the character of IG-11, a naïve droid who is also a bounty hunter and process the conversations in a precise manner. Carl Weathers is also in the show and is playing the role of Greef Carga, the leader of a bounty hunters guild.

The story is set five years before the defeat of the Galactic Empire. Many were criticizing Disney when they made ‘The Last Jedi’ but this brand new series has created a new kind of eagerness in fans that we last saw in the original trilogy produced in the 80s.


Fans have too many questions in their minds but they have to wait for the next episodes to know more about Baby Yoda and his powers. Right now, he is just a cute little alien in his shell watching the sky with his big eyes. Some fans are even suggesting that the show should focus more on Yoda as he is the main character of the story arc and should be the center of the limelight. Till anything else, we can enjoy the Baby Yoda memes on social media.

We hope that this series stay true to the original one. And it does not make the same mistakes its predecessors did. The other original shows from Marvel will also hit the new streaming site Disney+ in some time and fans cannot wait to see what Marvel has in the basket for them.

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