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Dark Season 3: Review, Summary and Ending (Spoiler alert)

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Netflix released the last season of German sci-fi show “Dark” and boy oh boy isn’t it one hell of a roller coaster ride. This TV series is a mind-boggling and twisting story. Created by Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese, this sci-fi mystery and thriller season kept its viewers glued to their chairs scratching their heads to understand what was happening.  This last season has made the already good series greater in the history of sci-fi genre. For the people who like sci-fi, mystery, and thriller genres, ‘Dark’ is a must watch for them.

Series information:

Director and writer: Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese

Date of Release: June 27th, 2020

Genre: Sci-fi, Mystery, thriller, Supernatural

Audience Score: 97% 

Cast members: Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari, Maja Schone, Jordi Triebel, and Oliver Masucci

Series Overview:

The show is based on a story written by Jantje Friese and takes place in a small-time town in Germany called Winden and tells the story about the lives of four complex families who time travel and become inter-related with each other without knowing it till the finale and then travel again in time to break the knot that connects them together.

About the Director:

Baran Bo Odar is a very creative film director as well as screenwriter. His most salient work is Netflix’s original and first German-language based series called ‘Dark’ because of which he was honored with Germany’s most prestigious award “Gimme-Preis” in 2018.

Dark Season 3 Review: Series Overview and Discussion

After the first two season, season 3 too didn’t disappoint the fans but took the show to another level. Alongside the old cast, the new season has introduced some unknown faces and characters. One of them is the stranger with a cleft lip who keeps doing horrible things to keep the cycle going. Series started off with Martha taking Jonas into an unfamiliar world, which is a world without Jonas. Martha told Jonas he must tell other Martha about time travel and end the knot (later it turned out she never wanted the knot to break at all). It was also revealed to Jonas that he and Martha are the keys to the knot and are “Adam and Eve” of this mystery. Jonas found out that without him in Martha’s world, the nuclear apocalypse will still happen and everyone will die, eventually.

A Lot happened in the last season, from pregnancies to betrayals to finally breaking the knot. This entire TV series kept the audiences glued to their chair.

Breaking Down the Series:

There were lots of mysteries that were solved in this last season, which cleared the blurry thoughts of viewers. For example, how Elizabeth met Noah? What were Noah’s intentions and why? How Bartosz, Francisca, Magnus are related to time travel? And most importantly, why and how it all started in the first place? And if there is a way to break the chain?

Dark Season 3 was way deeper and thrilling than the first two seasons, and it doesn’t end there. It was revealed that for the knot to exist in the first place, there has to be the third world a “Triquetra”.  A world where it all started from “An Original world”. A world where it all birthed from. There was a focus on some amazing love stories as well. Magnus and Franciszka, Noah and Elizabeth, Jonas and Martha, Regina, and Aleksander are just a few examples. Jonas and Martha’s intimacy faced upheaval, killing by being against each other, murdering each other, and then sacrificing together with blandishments.

There was a reference to Schrodinger’s cat in episode 7 narrated by HG Tannhaus, which was very illustrious to explain everything. Some dialogues thrilled me. One of my favorite dialogue was   

“Nothing is free. No breath you take. No word. No action. No pain. An everlasting miracle of oneness.”

This line described the whole meaning of human existence and that’s why many of us related to it.

Series Ending Summary (Spoiler Alert):

The series ended when Claudia told Adam that they had to end where it all started from, otherwise they’ll always be stuck in this loop and he had to do things differently. Something that was never done before, like old Claudia meeting Adam in Paradise for the first time. So Adam went to Jonas and told him what he had to do. Jonas then saved Martha and took her into the cave below bunker where they waited for “the bridge” so they could save Tannhaus’s son and his family. But again, its “Dark”. so instead of going back to time directly, they ended up in time. Where they saw each other’s childhood memories.

Then they both finally went to the original world and saved Marek and Sonja Tannhaus and could finally stop HG Tannhaus from building a time machine. But in that process, they vanished with the most flattering words one could think:

“You and I are perfect for each other. Never believe anything else.”

In the closing scene, we were shown Katharina, Torben, and Hannah (pregnant with Torben’s child), Peter and Benni, and Regina sitting around the table having party hosted by Regina which shows they’re the survivors of the time loop. But that alone left us asking ourselves so many questions, like why Hannah had a feeling of Déjà vu? Is that an opening of another world?  

In short, even if we try to explain it, we just cannot describe the complexity and potency of this TV series because this series, at the end of the day is a complex paradox and requires a lot of mental effort to keep up. And one cannot understand this series entirely without watching it.

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